Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Ok, Its over!!

Well, the shots have been called! we are officially no more! I guess this must be my re-emancipation...right?

I saw it coming, Im a bit complicated and tend to blow up easily! I dont like to call myself irrational....more...animated....and vocal!!

Anyway, Ive pushed him too far, and inevitably, its ended. It couldnt go on forever, getting mad is exhausting!!

Im feeling a bit philosophical about the whole position though! I feel like this is my chance for a reinvention, to reintroduce myself to the world and slash or London! Truthfully nobody really knows me down here, i have kept myself fairly secret, subject to a few public indiscretions...we have all been there!

Nevertheless, Im taking this as a positive thing. Sure I was emotional, everybody gets that way im sure, when it finally dawns on you that this really is the end. The journey, despite being rocky in nature, was still beautiful...it had its own charm.

But fuck it, the charm is over, now its time for some fun!

whilst my blogs have been a bit sporadic, I intend to honour my commitment, to be truthful, as horrendous as my adventures maybe, they will be here, in black and white...or possibly green and black, depending on my font preferences from time to time!

My reintroduction will start on Friday night....I have no plans yet, but that wont stop me....there is no better feeling then knowing you alone and anonymous...but isnt that the intrigue? Sure people may look at you and judge you because you are alone in a bar...but you should never let that stop you...they judge you, because they are stuck in a bar with people with idiots they call friends who cant make a conversation so they stare and make remarks.....who cares! when your alone, the night belongs to you! I have had the best nights when I have been alone, strangers, fun, unpure behaviour! its all good!

To prove my philosophy, I will be embarking on a night out on friday in the capital city, alone....and I will fill you in on Saturday!

Till then, be naughty, be insatiable, be wreckless and fuck the others!

LL x

Monday, 22 October 2007

hmmmm...did he or didnt he!!

Here's the deal, im going through this never ending cyclical relationship, its been on and off so many times, im starting to think im enjoying the game more than the relationship!

you will be aware that not two months ago I was in the embracing my emancipation for all its worth....not much!! As before I had time to socially whore myself and dance myself to the point of an premature hip replacement to gimme, gimme more (its britney bitch), we were back on!

Ive sworn to myself that even though it is on, its technically not! We have been through this so many times, Im literally watching the days on my calendar tick until the next time. So I figure, its a man prerogative to keep his options open! Im gay and I need to express myself!!

Thursday, 23 August 2007


A new start! Now in single! A relationship of just over 2 years (my longest by 1year and 10 months!)

its almost the bank holiday weekend, and its play time! Ive spent the past week analysing, smoking, drinking, and now the hideous week has almost finished im feeling revitalised and naughty!

I guess this is the diary of my reinvention and reintroduction into the world of excitement, intrigue and misbehaviour!

im 26, gay professional and ready for fun!

My quest is to update this blog with my exploits, good, bad and plain wrong!

keep track, its gonna be fun

LL x